YannOO – Disturbing

Disturbing - YannOO

A Disturbing Trip into the Darkest part of your Soul…


01___Amissa Memoria (YannOO vs Kalbo)
02___Overload (Dr Peacock vs Zyklon)
03___Wanna Play A Game (Dr Peacock vs Marcus Decks)
04___The Barbarians Featuring Sawerz (Adrenokrome)
05___Jump The Fuck Up Innominate Remix (Igneon System)
06___The Darkness In My Eyes (YannOO)
07___A New World Order feat Sei2ure (Igneon System)
08___Anger Management feat Switch Technique (Igneon System)
09___System Of A Down – Toxicity (ALKEMY Remix)
10___Dark Abyss (ALKEMY)
11___Forgotten Souls (ALKEMY)
12___Zero Heroes feat Deathmachine (Igneon System)
13___La Traversée Souterraine (ALKEMY)
14___Drugs Of Pianist (Maissouille vs The Mastery)
15___Un Ballon Pour Toi (Kalbo vs YannOO)
16___The Last Breath (ALKEMY)
17___Electrik Blast (Unit vs Pattern J)
18___Go Fuck Urself (The Sickest Squad)
19___Make Some Noise (Deathmachine)
20___Thats Night (Pattern J)

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